Electric heater Harvia Glow Corner TRC90XE 9kW

Electric heater Harvia Glow Corner – a compact, corner-mounted heater that adds a stylish accent to any steam room.

Glow Corner is a corner-mounted pillar electric heater suitable for medium-sized saunas. The shiny steel shell of this triangular heater is eye-catching and adds a touch of modern elegance to the sauna. The ample number of stones provides a gentler steam, the intensity of which can be adjusted by directing the steam either towards the side of the heater or onto the stones. The heater heats up quickly, and thanks to the generous amount of stones, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire steam room. Glow Corner serves as a beautiful furnishing element. Glow Corner’s digital Xenio XE control panel offers a versatile and user-friendly sauna experience. All functions are integrated within the control panel, which is directly connected to the Glow Corner heater, making installation easy for both new and existing saunas. With the illuminated touch-sensitive keys on the Xenio control panel, you can adjust the settings even in a dark sauna. You can control temperature, lighting, and timing directly from the panel. The timer function allows you to precisely set the sauna heating time. The control panel can be placed in the steam room, where it also functions as a digital sauna thermometer. The XE model’s heater also supports remote start, and it’s easy to connect security devices to the heater. Additionally, it’s suitable for installation inside the sauna stage. The recommended steam room volume is 8-14 m³, and you can place up to 50 kg of heating stones on the heater.

  • A tall, corner-mounted pillar electric heater with a crown-like design
  • The large number of stones guarantees soft and abundant steam
  • It is easy to connect to the Harvia Xenio WiFi device (accessory not included)


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