Fireplace CONTURA 690 STYLE

With the magnificent Contura 690 Style fireplace, you can indulge in both coziness and delightful warmth. This fireplace model features a cast-iron door and is available in black or gray. Additionally, you have the option to select either an aluminum, glass (exclusive to the black fireplace), or soapstone top plate. The cool-touch handle has been meticulously designed to remain cool to the touch, ensuring safety during operation. Contura has introduced a new ash drawer with a design that allows for quiet and gentle sliding when emptying. This thoughtful feature enhances the overall experience. For those seeking long-lasting warmth, the Contura 690 Style fireplace model can be equipped with a heat storage set (Powerstone), which effectively retains heat for extended periods. An optional fan is also available to distribute heat rapidly, maintaining a more consistent room temperature. This fan is thermostatically controlled, automatically activating when the fireplace is lit and deactivating when it’s extinguished. Please note that the Powestone set cannot be used in conjunction with the fan. For added convenience, the Contura 690 Style fireplace can be installed on a rotating base, allowing for a full 360-degree rotation to achieve optimal viewing angles. Both the rotation angle and speed are adjustable, offering flexibility in positioning. Additionally, an extra storage compartment (available in black or gray) can be added to the right side of the fireplace, providing handy storage space. Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and comfort with the Contura 690 Style fireplace.

  • Modern Scandinavian design
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Quietly and softly sliding ashtray
  • Door with cast iron frame

Color options

  • black
  • grey

Top plate options

  • black or gray painted aluminum
  • glass (only for black colored fireplace)
  • soapstone

Available as an accessory

  • Kit for outside air connection
  • Additional storage to the right side of the fireplace (black or gray)
  • Heat accumulating stones (Powerstone)
  • Fan
  • Rotating base


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Weight (kg)


Efficiency (%)


Nominal heat output (kW)


Energy class


Heatable area (m²)


Firewood length (cm)


Flue pipe diameter (mm)


Flue exit options

rear, top


Black, Grey

Price starts at 3,513.00