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  • Kuidas leida see parim pottsepp oma kodu või maakodu jaoks

    7 tips on how to find a good potter

    Finding a skilled potter is of utmost importance for you and your home. With their expertise, you can ensure that your hearths and chimneys receive proper, skillful work, resulting in warmer, more efficient, and safer heating solutions at home.
  • Vingugaasiandur

    Carbon monoxide sensor

    The installation of a carbon monoxide detector is mandatory in all dwellings where there is a gas device connected to the chimney.
  • How to heat with wood?

    Ready for winter? Are there no cracks in the chimney? When was the last chimney sweep? What is the heating method, and how do we heat? Proper heating reduces the risk of fire and provides significant financial savings. If the chimney is swept twice a year instead of once, we save two rooms of trees. That's what the chimney sweeps claim.