Founded in 1924 in Donchery, Champagne-Ardenne region, Invicta relies on high-performance manufacturing equipment. Its foundry and enameling facilities enable it to offer a wide range of products and introduce new innovations in design and technology every year.

LL Calor

LL Calor is a Spanish manufacturer of high-quality fireplace inserts, steel stoves, fireplaces, and their accessories. The products from this brand combine high quality, practicality, impeccable aesthetic appearance, reliability, and durability.

Nunnauuni heat storage fireplaces are pioneers in the world of fireplaces. Thanks to their heat resistance and excellent heat management properties, Nunnauuni fireplaces are an excellent choice for use as a primary heating solution or as a supplement to reduce heating costs.


Linnatuli is a high-quality Finnish stove manufacturer known for their durable and classic ovens that radiate heat for a long time. The construction of the oven is made up of simple elements, making installation easy and minimizing the possibility of mistakes.

Rocal is a Spanish fireplace manufacturer that produces all fireplace components in-house, drawing on over 30 years of experience in the home heating industry to ensure the highest level of product quality.

Skamet is one of the best-known sauna heater manufacturers in Estonia, whose products are exported all over the world. Skamet’s sauna stoves are high-quality, handmade products with a long smoke channel, where the flame does not reach the chimney.

Caframo is a Canadian manufacturing company that was founded in 1955. It is an industry leader in specialty fans, heaters, thermoelectric fans, and thermoelectric lighting.

Fontana Forni

Today, Fontana is a leading manufacturer of wood-fired pizza ovens, producing 100% Italian-made products. With over seventy years of experience, the company combines its extensive expertise and professional approach to create high-quality pizza ovens that blend innovative technology with timeless design.

Harvia, which is also credited with creating the modern Finnish sauna, has been producing heaters for 70 years. It is the longest-standing Finnish manufacturer of sauna heaters, with uninterrupted production experience.

Cook King

CRAFTSMANSHIP is a guarantee of tradition and quality!
Cook King has been manufacturing and supplying grills, fire bowls, and garden stoves for over 27 years. Currently, the Cook King brand can be found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Cook King’s goal is to provide customers with the joy and pleasure of cooking and eating together.

The Leda factory in Germany has been in operation since 1873 and is still a family-owned business. If a company has been around for so long, there are undoubtedly good reasons for its longevity: clear goals, credibility, and a keen understanding of the market’s needs.


In Timmernabben, on the coast of Småland, handcrafted tile stoves have been produced since 1767. Gabriel tile stoves are meticulously crafted to meet contemporary design, efficiency, and environmental standards.

The La Nordica-Extraflame Group is guided by the basic values of Italy: passion and hard work. Even in the traditional field of heating, innovation is key, and this has enabled the La Nordica-Extraflame group to acquire a large market share.

Plamen is a manufacturer of cast iron and steel heating equipment with 90 years of experience. It is also the only domestic heating equipment manufacturer in Croatia. Approximately 75% of their production is exported to Western Europe.

Since its establishment in 1978, Scan has focused on producing the best wood-burning fireplaces with special attention given to design, innovation, and user comfort.

Jotul is a Norwegian manufacturer of fireplaces and fireplace inserts that leaves nothing to chance. The production and quality of Jotul dates back to the 19th century. Only strong cast iron is used in the manufacture of fireplaces and fireplace inserts, guaranteeing their lifetime and quality for generations.


Contura is a prominent manufacturer of oven products in Scandinavia and stands as one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. A member of the NIBE Group, which boasts 17,000 employees and a turnover of around SEK 30 billion, Contura excels in both design and product development of its ovens, all conducted in Sweden.

Hajduk is the leading manufacturer of steel chamotte fireplace inserts in Poland and Eastern Europe, with a significant portion of their production exported to EU member states and other countries.

The focus on heat is what motivates Cadel, a company that has been designing and producing high-quality pellet stoves and cookers for more than 60 years. Cadel strives to understand the needs and requirements of today’s families, which is why it offers a wide range of products that can be easily installed in any environment.

Hitze is a Polish manufacturer that produces modern and eco-friendly fireplace inserts, ready-made fireplaces, bio fireplaces, and garden grills. Their extensive product range features various heating capacities, low emissions, and modern designs.

The main focus of Alfa Plam’s production is solid fuel heating devices such as stoves, ovens, fireplaces, pellet stoves, and boilers. As the largest producer of heating equipment in Serbia and one of the top five in Europe.

HUUM combines the wisdom of Estonian sauna construction with modern design and innovative technology. HUUM sauna heaters are completely manufactured in Estonia, where sauna traditions date back centuries, and sauna building skills have been passed down from generation to generation.

Italkero is an Italian company that produces modern heating and cooling systems. Their innovative products provide new solutions for heating systems, both for domestic and industrial use. Italkero’s history dates back to 1970 when the company was founded in Modena.

By combining modern design, innovative technology, and traditional Swedish cast iron craftsmanship, Keddy creates unique fireplaces that are difficult to find elsewhere. The company’s philosophy is simple: use only the highest quality materials and employ experts who understand the demands of the harsh northern climate.

The La Nordica Extraflame Group is guided by the core values of Italy, which include passion and hard work. After 20 years of successful production of electric heaters, Extraflame has shifted its focus to designing, developing, and manufacturing pellet heaters.

Kratki fireplaces and fireplace inserts, produced in Poland, have been available on the market since 1998. Thanks to their dynamic development, quality, and durability, Kratki is now at the forefront of European fireplace manufacturers.

Thermia is one of Europe’s leading companies in the production of fireplaces and chimneys. With many years of experience in industrial sheet metal processing, it is currently one of the most modern equipped European factories in the metal industry.

Thermorossi has been successfully supplying heating equipment for 40 years, and during this time, they have become one of the leading manufacturers of heating systems in Europe.

The history of KVS Moravia, a Czech manufacturing company, dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The production of solid fuel stoves and boilers began in 1994. Today, KVS Moravia produces eight different types of heating devices, all of which are based on solid fuel.

DRU is one of the largest manufacturers of gas fireplaces in Europe, with a history that spans over 250 years. Today, DRU places a high value on customer satisfaction and the environment, and incorporates these two core values into all of its products.

Discover the delicious taste of wood-fired cooking with Amphora ovens! Whether you’re craving a juicy steak, a mouthwatering Italian pizza, a crunchy bread, a. fluffy cake, or any other dish, traditional cooking over fire offers a wonderful gastronomic experience that will leave your taste buds satisfied.

Xaralyn | Clean Fire System is a Dutch manufacturer of electric and bioethanol fireplaces. Xaralyn fireplaces are sold worldwide and the brand is one of the leading providers of decorative fireplaces.

BeF Home is the largest Czech manufacturer of fireplace inserts and stoves. It was founded in 1998 and was the first company in the Czech Republic to produce Blanzek cast iron fireplace inserts. Materials and components are carefully selected to ensure first-class quality.

Narvi’s goal is to cater to true sauna enthusiasts who value authentic sauna experiences. As a Finnish heater manufacturer with nearly 80 years of experience, Narvi produces all of its sauna stoves from start to finish in Finland, catering to customers who appreciate high-quality products.

Heatro is a Polish manufacturer of fireplace inserts that began its history in 1991. Before releasing their products to the market, Heatro conducts rigorous testing on them.

Carbel is a dynamic and innovative fireplace manufacturer located in Valencia, with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Their dedication and passion are evident in all of their products, which offer customers functionality, efficiency, and beautiful design.

Color Emajl is a leading European manufacturer of painted steel flue components and is among the top producers of steel fireplaces and fireplace inserts. The design of Color Emajl fireplaces is timeless and intended to seamlessly blend into any interior, rather than following fleeting trends.

The three stars in the Patton logo represent “Sun, Fun & Food,” symbolizing beautiful weather, nice people, and good food. Patton was the first brand in the Netherlands to introduce outdoor kitchens and make them accessible to everyone who loves good food, enjoyment, and comfort in their garden.

Dimplex Group is a global leader in the production of electric heating devices, offering a wide range of products for home, commercial, and industrial use.

The Pertinger kitchen stove is fueled by innovation and passion. For years, the kitchen stoves manufactured by Pertinger, an Italian company, have been renowned across Europe for their exceptional quality, functionality, design, and eco-friendliness.

Founded in 1919, Hecker is a company with over 100 years of experience in the production of heat-resistant glass. For almost 40 years, Hecker has been supplying heat-resistant glass ceramics to manufacturers of fireplaces and stoves.

Pisla OY was founded in 1976 and has since become Pisla Group Oy, a subsidiary company based in Viitasaari, Finland. Pisla primarily serves construction and furnishing stores across Finland, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany.