Pizza oven FontanaForni MANGIAFUOCO INOX

The FontanaForni Mangiafuoco pizza oven is not only for pizzas; it can also prepare steaks, vegetables, bread, desserts, and provide versatile cooking options.

Its unique cooking chamber design ensures even heat distribution, eliminating hot spots. The oven’s cooking chamber dimensions are 60×80 cm, and the hearth is made of high-quality fire-resistant chamotte. The exterior is electro-galvanized and powder-coated to maximize resistance against heat, weather, and rust. The oven’s insulation is made of natural stone wool, which effectively maintains the temperature and prevents the outer structure from becoming too hot. Additionally, a stainless steel damper control allows for precise temperature regulation, ensuring maximum heat retention.

The FontanaForni Mangiafuoco pizza oven is not only functional but also beautifully designed. It boasts high-quality craftsmanship and performance. The oven comes with a durable stainless steel base frame that is easy to move and includes a convenient storage shelf, wheels, and a hook for hanging tools.

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