Wood-burning heater SKAMET SY-116

The sauna heater is the heart of the steam room and is a must-have for any true sauna lover’s home. A rejuvenating sauna provides the perfect escape from everyday worries after a tiring workday or a stressful week at work. Skamet sauna heaters are designed for everyone who appreciates a relaxing sauna experience, whether it’s taking a steam bath with friends or indulging in a healing sauna session.

The Skamet SY-116 sauna stove, with a round mesh body that is heated from within the same room, is perfect for steam rooms ranging from 8-18 m³ in size. In the case of heaters with a mesh body, the sauna session tends to last longer than usual due to the large number of heater stones. The steam room can be heated up within 60-90 minutes. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for smaller steam rooms as well. The wood-burning heater set includes a metal door with a wooden handle, and you can choose the opening of the door according to your preference. Additionally, you have the option to purchase an open hot water tank for heating steam water, as well as heating stones. The boiler connection can be placed on the right, left, rear, or not included at all. If desired, the metal door can be replaced with a heat-resistant glass door.


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Wood burning heater

Price starts at 467.00