Electric heater Harvia Legend PO70XW 6.8kW Wifi

Electric heater Harvia Legend – experience gentle steam.

In a new size, the electric heater, Harvia Legend, continues the Finnish sauna tradition and adds to Harvia’s success story. This compact Legend electric heater brings authentic mild steam to family saunas. The Legend boasts a robust steel frame capable of holding a large quantity of stones, which produce a wonderfully gentle steam. The effective design, along with the attention to detail from the skilled boiler makers, always captures the attention of sauna enthusiasts. The column-shaped black electric heater, Legend, can accommodate a substantial number of stones and is also suitable for installation within the sauna stage. Elevate your sauna experience with the Legend heater. The digital Xenio control panel allows for a versatile and effortless sauna experience. All its functions are seamlessly integrated into the Legend heater with a built-in control panel, making it easy to install in both new and existing saunas. The illuminated touch-sensitive keys on the Xenio control panel enable you to adjust functions even in a dimly lit sauna. You can control temperature, lighting, and timing directly from the control panel. The timer function allows you to heat the sauna for a precisely selected time. The control panel can be placed in the steam room, where it also functions as a digital sauna thermometer. The Legend XW is easily controlled remotely using the Xenio WiFi accessory and the MyHarvia mobile app. This WiFi-equipped heater is user-friendly. The recommended steam room volume is 6-10 m³, and you can place up to 100 kg of heating stones on the heater.

  • With its modern digital control, the Legend electric heater allows you to fully savor the steam experience
  • An innovative solution for positioning Harvia heating elements places them in a separate section of the stone space, ensuring a quick warm-up time and consistent temperatures
  • Easily controlled remotely with the Harvia Xenio WiFi device


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