Electric heater Harvia The Wall Combi SW90S 9kW

Electric heater Harvia The Wall Combi – easy-to-use wall-mounted heater.

The Harvia The Wall Combi electric heater is designed for those who appreciate a humid sauna experience and wish to infuse various aromas into the sauna. A sauna equipped with the Wall Combi heater, featuring a built-in steam function, provides an exceptionally versatile and multisensory sauna experience. This single heater offers a range of options for tailoring your sauna sessions to your preferences, as well as those of your friends and family. Enjoy your sauna exactly the way you like it. The Wall Combi sauna heater is a new model introduced in the family of Harvia wall heaters. It comes equipped with a built-in steamer, which introduces a new dimension to the sauna experience. The integrated vaporizer in the Wall Combi heater effectively controls and maintains sauna humidity with remarkable precision, up to one percent. This steam infusion not only enhances the comfort of the sauna heat but also offers a gentle and moist sauna atmosphere. You can even add fragrances to the stone cup of the heater to further elevate your sauna experience. Please note that a separate control unit is required for operation. For optimal performance, it’s recommended to use the Wall Combi heater in saunas with a volume of 8-14 m³. You can place up to 20 kg of heating stones on the heater to ensure efficient heat distribution. The built-in steamer features a water tank with a capacity of 5 liters, allowing for extended steam sessions.

  • Versatile combination heater with an integrated steamer
  • Easy to connect to the Harvia control unit (control unit not included)
  • Maintaining stable moisture content with an accuracy of up to 1%
  • Quick and easy installation process


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