Heat storing fireplace Leda COLONA lite

The Leda Colona lite fireplace boasts an attractive appearance that instantly creates a cozy atmosphere. It offers delightful comfort after a long day at work, allowing you to warm up during cold winter days or rainy summer evenings. The Colona lite stove transforms any apartment or house into a true home. Its curved double-glazed door features a stainless steel handle, while the heat-storing chamotte ceramic interior and cast-iron casing efficiently retain heat for extended periods. Even a small amount of wood provides long-lasting gentle heat radiation for hours. This makes it an ideal choice for low-energy houses.

Available in three different heights

  • 2 rings (123.9 cm)
  • 3 rings (138 cm)
  • 6 rings (175.7 cm)

Color options

  • black lacquered (matte)
  • white enamelled
  • dark green enamelled
  • dark red enamelled

Available as an accessory

  • A rotating console that allows the oven to rotate 360 degrees
  • LEDATRONIC LT3 WiFi electronic combustion air control unit


Height (mm)

1239, 1380, 1757

Diameter (mm)


Weight (kg)


Efficiency (%)


Nominal heat output (kW)


Energy class


Flue exit options

rear, top

Price starts at 3,494.00