Heater stones Harvia 5-10cm

The Olivine-diabase stones are widely recognized and commonly used in saunas for all types of heaters. These stones are extracted from subvolcanic rocks found in western Finland. This traditional stone variety is known for its structural durability and high density, enabling efficient heat storage and release. As a result, it ensures optimal steam generation in the sauna.

High-quality traditional angular sauna heater stones, which are suitable for electric heaters and as top stones for wood-burning heaters. Split stones store a significant amount of heat, facilitating efficient evaporation of water when thrown onto their wide fracture surface. These stones are easy to stack and promote good air circulation. The dark gray olivine-diabase heater stones possess exceptional heat storage capacity, durability, and thermal conductivity. Each stone measures 5-10 cm in size, and the weight of the box is 20 kg.