Pizza accessories set FontanaForni 3-piece

Pizza accessories set – FontanaForni: 3 Essential tools for perfect cooking.

Complete your cooking experience with the pizza accessories set from FontanaForni. This set includes three essential tools: a brass bristle brush for oven cleaning, a pizza turning shovel, and a pizza shovel. Thanks to their ergonomic handle design, these tools offer a secure grip, allowing you to effortlessly lift pizzas into the oven and rotate them during cooking without the fear of slipping. The larger pizza shovel is ideal for easily placing pizzas in and out of the oven. However, when it comes to turning or repositioning the pizza while it’s cooking, the pizza turning shovel becomes your go-to tool. The durable brush is specifically designed for cleaning the oven’s baking surface. Its stiff brass bristles are heat-resistant, ensuring they won’t melt when cleaning a hot surface. The brush also features a scraper attachment, enabling you to remove stubborn dirt with ease.

Pizza Shovel: 35 x 86 x 38cm
Pizza Turning Shovel: Length: 99cm, Diameter: 17.8cm
Brush: Brush Width: 17.8cm, Handle Length: 104cm