Wood-burning heater Harvia Legend 240 GreenFlame

Wood-burning heater Harvia Legend 240 GreenFlame – elegance of a larger glass door with cleaner combustion.

The Harvia Legend 240 GreenFlame wood-burning heater features a spacious glass door that allows you to witness the pure fire roaring inside, creating a magical and relaxing atmosphere. This low-emission, durable, and user-friendly sauna heater is designed for medium-sized saunas. With its ample amount of stones, it ensures a traditional soft steam experience. The centerpiece of this sauna heater is the fully renovated GreenFlame 20 fire chamber, which prioritizes clean combustion. As a result, carbon monoxide emissions have been reduced by approximately 70% compared to previous models. By choosing the uniquely handcrafted Legend, you can establish your own legendary sauna tradition while promoting sustainable wood burning practices. The Harvia GreenFlame® fire chamber is specifically optimized for clean combustion, reflecting Harvia’s ongoing commitment to develop even cleaner wood burning solutions. Thanks to the innovative air control method employed in the Harvia GreenFlame® fire chamber, carbon monoxide emissions are significantly reduced compared to earlier versions. The larger glass door allows for an enhanced viewing experience, comprising approximately 90% more glass area. The recommended volume for the steam room is 10-20 m³, and you can place up to 200 kg of heating stones on the heater.

  • Cleaner combustion
  • 70% lower carbon monoxide emissions
  • 90% larger glass door


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