Wood-burning heater Harvia Pro 20 ES

Wood-burning heater Harvia Pro 20 ES – perennial favourite for wood-heated sauna.

The wood-burning heater Harvia Pro 20 ES is a popular choice for summer saunas due to its practicality. It features a fixed and user-friendly 30-liter water tank positioned in front of the wood-burning heater, which heats the water while the sauna itself warms up. The Pro 20 ES boasts a stylish exterior in graphite black, with a stainless steel front panel and an impressive glass door that allows sauna-goers to enjoy the soothing glow of the fire. Thanks to the ample stone space within the wood-burning stove, the steam generated is as cozy and tranquil as desired. Both the front and top of the wood-burning stove, as well as the ash compartment, are constructed from stainless steel, making them easy to clean. Additionally, it’s possible to attach a protective wall to the wood-burning heater for added safety. Harvia wood-burning heaters are designed with fire chambers and combustion air channels that facilitate rapid heating of the sauna and cleaner combustion. These heaters meet the CE marking requirements. The recommended sauna room volume for optimal performance is 8-20 m³, and you can place up to 40 kg of heating stones on the heater.


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