Wood stove fan Caframo ECOFAN AIRDECO I

Ecofan AirDeco I is the next generation of authentic Ecofans, featuring a modern style and premium performance. The Caframo Ecofan AirDeco I is a heat-powered fan specifically designed to circulate warm air generated by a stove. These Ecofan fans effectively help heat the room faster and more efficiently, with a warm air circulation capacity of 272 m³/h, resulting in up to 36% faster room heating. They have been proven to reduce heating costs and emissions by up to 17%. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, the Ecofan is designed for use on stoves with a surface temperature ranging between 110 and 345 °C. Exposing the Ecofan to temperatures above 345°C can cause damage, so if the surface temperature exceeds this limit, it is advisable to place the Ecofan in a cooler area on the stove. Additionally, before placing the Ecofan on the stove, ensure that the handle is upright. During operation, it is important to note that the bottom of the Ecofan becomes very hot. Always use the handle when repositioning the fan to prevent burns or accidents.

  • Optimal distribution of warm air
  • No need for power or batteries
  • Quiet operation
  • Speed control based on the stove’s temperature
  • Made in Canada