Electric heater Harvia Topclass Combi KV90SE 9kW

Electric heater Harvia Topclass Combi – sauna pleasure for all senses.

Harvia Topclass Combi is a unique combination of an electric heater and a steamer that provides a delightful sauna experience that engages all your senses. You have the choice of enjoying a traditional Finnish sauna, a steam sauna, an herbal sauna, or an aroma sauna. This heater is designed for sauna enthusiasts who appreciate gentle and humid steam, as well as a fragrant ambiance. The heater is equipped with luxurious soapstone cups for storing sauna aromas and a stainless steel grate for fragrance sachets. It’s important to note that this heater requires a separate control unit. The recommended steam room volume is 8-14 m³, and the heater can hold up to 20 kg of heating stones. The steamer has a 5-liter water tank.

  • Versatile electric heater with integrated steamer
  • Easy to connect to the Harvia control unit (control unit not included)


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