Heat storing tiled stove Gabriel AVANTI

When the cold winds are howling outside, the Gabriel Avanti tiled stove offers cozy warmth that you can enjoy while sitting in your favorite armchair. Gabriel’s contemporary tiled stoves have a clean and modern design, making them a popular choice for newly built homes. Each stove comes with a standard hot-air cassette featuring a stainless steel frame. Additionally, the stove can be customized to your preferences with different heights, colors, and hand-painted decorations. The height of the standard model is 2430 mm.

Additional features and options

  • Height adjustment is possible in approximately 100 mm intervals.
  • In addition to the standard colors of glossy white and matte black, it is possible to develop a special glaze upon request.
  • Choose from existing hand-painted decorations or create a unique pattern.
  • It is possible to replace all stainless steel parts with brass parts.
  • It is possible to order an stove front plate and outer doors in either brass or stainless steel.
  • In addition to the standard colors of black granite or light gray limestone for the fireplace ledge, it is possible to order special shades of black.
  • Option to include a fan and fan control device.
  • External air supply connection can be added upon request.


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Weight (kg)


Thermal energy (kWh)


Heat release time, 100% of the maximum output (h)


Heat release time, 50% of the maximum output (h)


Heat release time, 25% of the maximum output (h)


Efficiency (%)


Nominal heat output (kW)


Energy class


Flue exit options

rear, top

Price starts at 10,621.00