Heat storing tiled stove Gabriel STRÖMSRUM

Strömsrum is an elegant tiled stove named after a magnificent wooden mansion near Timmernabben. With its well-balanced design, the Strömsrum tiled stove adds a touch of beauty to any home. Although the classic model retains the aesthetics of older tiled stoves, it meets modern standards for efficiency and functionality. The standard configuration includes a contemporary hot-air cassette and a brass door. The stove can be customized with various heights, colors, and hand-painted decorations. The height of the standard model is 2410 mm.

Additional features and options

  • Height adjustment is possible in approximately 110 mm intervals.
  • In addition to white, black and red colors can be ordered. Custom glazes can also be developed upon request.
  • Choose from existing hand-painted decorations or create a unique pattern.
  • Brass parts can be replaced with stainless steel components.
  • Additional decorative elements available: sims, cornices, friezes.
  • Choose between a brass or stainless steel oven front plate.
  • Option to include a fan and fan control device.
  • External air supply connection can be added upon request.


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Weight (kg)


Thermal energy (kWh)


Heat release time, 100% of the maximum output (h)


Heat release time, 50% of the maximum output (h)


Heat release time, 25% of the maximum output (h)


Efficiency (%)


Nominal heat output (kW)


Energy class


Flue exit options

rear, top

Price starts at 8,444.00