Wood-burning heater Harvia Linear 18 Compact

Wood-burning heater Harvia Linear – timeless and elegant.

The Harvia Linear 18 Compact is a high-quality and elegant wood heater. Its glass hatch not only displays a clean-burning fire but also beautifully illuminates the sauna room. The Linear 18 Compact wood heater is suitable for small and medium-sized saunas and complies with established emission requirements and efficiency standards (BimSchV2). The improved construction of the heater and enhanced air circulation ensure rapid heating of the sauna. Security is guaranteed by the double-layer construction, which keeps the sauna’s wall structures cool and allows for flexible installation in various sauna setups. This heater requires minimal safety distances around it. Its robust frame ensures a long service life. The recommended steam room volume is 5-18 m³, and the heater can hold up to 40 kg of heating stones.

  • Requires a very small safety distance, only 92 mm – the smallest among all heaters for fire safety
  • The double-shell design conserves space
  • Adjustable legs facilitate easy installation
  • Advanced air circulation and secondary air controls enable efficient wood burning
  • The sturdy housing ensures durability and maintains a stable temperature


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