Wood-burning heater SKAMET SS-210 GL

The sauna heater is the heart of the steam room and is a must-have for any true sauna lover’s home. A rejuvenating sauna provides the perfect escape from everyday worries after a tiring workday or a stressful week at work. Skamet sauna heaters are designed for everyone who appreciates a relaxing sauna experience, whether it’s taking a steam bath with friends or indulging in a healing sauna session.

The Skamet SS-210 GL small sauna stove with a square mesh body, heated from another room, is perfect for steam rooms ranging from 7-12 m³. Heater stones can be placed around the entire heater, with a recommended distance of approximately 5-8 cm between the sauna oven and the surrounding area. It will be filled with stones of a smaller fraction. Due to its compact dimensions, the heater is ideal for smaller steam rooms and barrel saunas. With heaters featuring a mesh body, the sauna session lasts longer than usual due to the large amount of heater stones, and the steam room is heated up within 60-90 minutes. The wood-burning heater set includes a heat-resistant glass door with a metal handle, and it is possible to choose the way the door opens. Additionally, it is possible to purchase a hot water tank for warm steamy water, as well as additional heater stones.


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Width (mm)


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Wood burning heater

Price starts at 435.00