Electric heater Harvia Spirit SP90E 9kW

Electric heater Harvia Spirit – feel the spirit of löyly.

The Harvia Spirit electric heater is a high-quality designer heater designed and manufactured in Finland. It is a masterpiece from Harvia that offers a great sauna experience while prioritizing safety and reliability. The construction of the heater not only protects the sauna structures but also ensures an even temperature throughout, thanks to its unique and discreet ventilation channels. These channels effectively cool the wall structures and enhance air movement through the heating elements, resulting in uniform heat distribution within the sauna. The Harvia Spirit electric heater features curved forms that exhibit a natural design. Its shape accentuates the rounded stones and creates a modern yet elegant atmosphere, enhanced by the gentle steam. Equipped with WiFi functionality, this heater is user-friendly. As its name suggests, the Harvia Spirit embodies the soul of your sauna, ensuring a soft and enjoyable sauna experience. It is compatible with popular control devices such as the Harvia Xenio WiFi control device and the MyHarvia mobile app, offering the best and most versatile user experience. Please note that the control units are sold separately.

  • Stylish curved design
  • Compatibility with various controllers such as the Xenio WiFi CX170XW (control unit sold separately)
  • Unique ventilation channels that create a uniform temperature within the sauna
  • Recommended stones for use with this heater are the R-99 round olivine-diabase stones, sized between 5-10 cm and weighing 55 kg.


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