Wood-burning heater Harvia Legend 240

Wood-burning heater Harvia Legend 240 – a handcrafted masterpiece.

Harvia Legend wood-burning heaters offer the ultimate sauna experience. With a substantial amount of stones housed within the black steel frame, these heaters provide an unparalleled sauna experience even at lower temperatures. The abundance of stones ensures optimal warmth, even if the fire dies down momentarily. Legend wood-burning heaters feature a modern grate structure that efficiently directs the combustion air. A portion of the air is directed towards the upper part of the fire chamber, resulting in cleaner and more efficient combustion. This grid structure also enhances the longevity of the wood-burning heater. Moreover, smaller safety distances from the side and back surfaces to combustible materials offer more flexibility in positioning the stages. Additionally, Legend wood-burning heaters can be equipped with a chimney-type water boiler. The wood-burning heater, Harvia Legend 240, is an excellent choice for a medium-sized sauna. This heater features a glass door in a cast-iron frame, which beautifully enhances the sauna ambiance by allowing the warm glow of the fire to radiate through. Additionally, the heater’s adjustable legs make it easy to install. The recommended volume for the steam room is 10-24 m³, and you can place up to 200 kg of heating stones on the heater.


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